Will Arylic work for me?


I have an interesting project and I looking into Arylic to see if it will work for me. My gut feeling is latency will be an issue, but perhaps before I move on someone can correct me.

We have a railroad where we operate a fleet of handcars and electric assist rail bicycles where people pedal two person rail vehicle over a six mile route. (If you are confused by this visit our web at handcar.com to get an idea of what we do). We have a show concept where we plan to install LED RGB lighting on each car and using DMX lighting run a synchronized lighting and music show. The lights will change color to the music. We prefer to have music and lighting synchronized across the entire 14 car fleet as they run down the tracks.

The challenge is the cars typically occupy about 800-1000 feet of track as they run over the six mile route. The first car will run the program, but transmitting to the fleet is turning out to be a challenge. One concept is to operate a mesh wi-fi network to keep the cars in contact. We can get wi-fi DMX modules for running the light show, but audio has proven problematic. We were looking into the Arylic system, but I fear latency will cause the music to be out of sync with lighting and sound echoing as the cars get too close each other.

This failing we are looking at using studio transmitter links, but that will be very expensive and require an FCC license. Fall back may be each car runs an independent program, with quieter audio so the sound does not bleed over to other cars.


Maybe you could host a small FM radio station, and place FM receiver on each car for simultaneously playback.