Wiim Home for Windows

I’ve just downloaded WiimHome application for Windows.
It allows me to control my Up2StreamHD board from PC machine. It lacks of music services menu, but handy to select presets from the PC.

There are some config optionsm not available in 4Stream app:
-better control of aduio output : can switch between analogue/SPDIF
-options to set SPDIF parameters
-when playing radio from preset, it shows bitrate

Radio selected from Tunein has always lowest quality (when few streams are available).
Same radio found in vTuner preset has higher bitrate.

As example: RadioParadise 320kbps from vTuner vs 64kbit
(a known issue, but worth to mention to avoid using TuneIn if station can be found in vTuner)


This is super helpful, thank you for sharing