WiFi coverage: MESH, Extenders, Repeaters, ... ?

I have just made a setup in a large home in 4 different area’s. The distances are rather large, and there are also big and thick walls.

All speakers are connected to the same WiFi-network. But I noticed that the coverage is not good enough for all speakers. So this has to be solved, and I am checking what options would work.


  1. MESH - Replace the current WiFi network with a mesh network > If this would work is not a question, it will. But it would mean an investment in new hardware.

  2. Repeaters - Use 2 of the existing WiFi access points, as repeaters > Hopefully this creates a WiFi-network with the signal coverage I need, but also recognized by the Up2Stream modules as being the same network.

  3. Anythings else that makes sense …


  • I prefer to use existing equipment, so no extra investment is needed. But will the WiFi network with repeaters be recognized as ‘one’ by the Up2Stream modules?
  • Is there any other option that I could consider?

Hi, the device are all over WLAN connected?, so there LAN connections possible? then take Power-LAN Adapters, for me its a stable Solution…best Jörg

Thnx for your suggestion @Joerg_Dumont !

At this location I have 3 WiFi access points, all with different SSID’s. One of them is the main router.

My thinking
I am thinking of keeping the main router with it’s WiFi access point and SSID.
And to change the other two WiFi access points into WiFi extenders. This way, I will have full coverage for WiFi in the whole house, but also with a single SSID. So all speakers connect to the same WiFi network.

I assume this will just work, but I have never tried before.
Will Up2Stream products see different WiFi access points, with the same SSID, as one WiFi-network?

I am using several amp v4 boards in my house currently. My wifi is a mesh made by linksys called Orbi. I have 3 access points that all serve the same SSID on both 2.4 and 5 bands. No issues with the boards joining my wifi.

Thanks @fluffy-bubble !

Are your 3 access points different hardware, or are they same brand and model/type?

Mine are all netgear Orbi (linksys was incorrect). With different hardware, it should still work fine. You should only experience a small jitter on time sensitive streams like a zoom type of call. Audio and video streaming like Spotify or Netflix uses buffers to allow for network inconsistencies.