WIFI app connection to device

I am using an Up2Stream Mini - Multiroom Wi-Fi Streamer Board that I coudl successfully (after several trials) connect to my Wifi Network as my router assign a correct IP address to it. I coudl even set up a desfined IP based on the mac address of the device.

When I unplug and plug back the power to the board I can hear the board voice that it searches the network, it confirms via the voice that it is connected to the network and in my router I can see the right IP address assigned to it.

However, using the app 4Stream or WiiM, it cannot locate the device and i cannot connect to it eventhough my ohone is also connected to the same wifi network.

Any ideas on why I get this messages? is there a way to wake up the device so that not only it is connected to the network, but also avaiable to receive and accept an app, connection request too?

thank you for your help!

Hi Bertrand,
Normally, it’s a network issue.
You could try to ping the device IP and see if it’s reachable, and then could try to access the device’s internal web host with its IP, and if yes, you could login with default password admin and see if you could play a radio from the web.

Hello and thank you.
I finally figured it out: the moduel was bad indeed :slight_smile: I had two of them and the first one could not get connected at all! teh second one worked like a charm!

I now have a more parctical question: how to get Deezer to work as my login is not recognized?

thank you for anyone guidance and help!