Why is SPDIF not working at all? :-(

I have 7 new U2S Mini V3 boards here. With the first board I tried everything and was about to give up (after more than 2 hours of desperation) when suddenly the ‘optical source’ appeared in the 4Stream app.

But unfortunately the sound via TOSLINK is somehow broken … a kind of electronically distorted stutter. :worried:

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to get the TOSLINK input of the SPDIF IN board to work?

I don’t know how to update the firmware on my other U2S Minis. There is no update function in the entire 4Stream app. You can only see which firmware is installed (4.2.xxxxxx).
Unfortunately, with the old 4.2 firmware, I cannot see the pin settings in the ACPWorkbench.

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

@Master_Chief_87 Are you referring to SPDIF Input or Output ? My understanding is that SPDIF In requires an expansion board. Only SPDIF Output is provided on MINI Board (see below) :

Regards, Kevin

SPDIF IN, not OUT. :wink:

Strange. In the accompanying instructions, however, it says that you can / must connect the board to the U2S Mini.

And how can it be - if the U2S Mini has only SPDIF OUT - that the optical source shows up in der 4Stream app?

@Master_Chief_87 Sorry if I misled you. You have however answered my question that you are using the SPDIF Extension Board.

From reading the Instructions you posted I am not really sure if you have to connect

Connector 4 on the SPDIF Board <> Connector 1 (Extension Port) on the Mini Board or
Connector 4 on the SPDIF Board <> Connector 2 (IIS-OUT SPDIFOut) on the Mini Board

I don’t have the hardware and I am certainly not an expert :roll_eyes: but if I didn’t read your instructions I would connect to Connector 1 :thinking:

Obviously no guarantee of success with my guesswork :slight_smile: Better to ask someone from Arylic

Regards, Kevin

Connection is from 4 to 2 (see my pic).

I also uploaded a small video: Arylic Up2stream Mini V3 - Toslink IN distortion :-( - YouTube

Frustrating :anguished:

My gut feeling is 4 to 1. But I wouldn’t want to damage any hardware so maybe wait for Arylic to reply. :anguished:

@Master_Chief_87 I don’t have an SPDIF Input but I do have a Mini & SPDIF Out to DAC Board. It works fine.

I think you are connected to the OUTPUT Header. If you look at the MINI manual

It shows a Keyboard Board = INPUTS. Hope this helps, Kevin

Hi, the connection is no problem. For the MINI board, the SPDIF pin should be configured as output by default, and user can change it by ACPWorkbench, and then, the device will activate the new OPTICAL mode for this input source.

Please check the firmware version is latest, I’m also not sure for all the details for the old versions.

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The firmware is 4.6.328252.28. I already have the pin set to SPDIF input.

The optical source shows up in the 4Stream app, but the sound is totally distorted (see my video on youtube). :worried:

Yes, I’ve seen the video. Can you try only connect the SPDIF/GND/3V3 only?


OMG… I love you! :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:

Soldered 3 lines as u descriped and now it is working P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y!

Is it also possible to fix this strange behavior per firmware (by deactivating the unused lines if SPDIF IN is set at the pin settings?) ?

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It might be affected by the i2s signals in parallel, and it can’t be just disabled by firmware, so remove the unrelated pins is the solution :grinning:


Another question: Do you know how to push a firmware update through the 4stream app?

No… the firmware only can be pushed with the UpgradeTool, otherwise it only detect the update itself from the ota seever

I had the same problem with the 2,1 amp, same solution worked, remove the wires to B0 and B1.

Was genau muss man in der ACPWorkbench einstellen um SPDIF-EINGANG zu aktivieren?
Wenn mein Up2Stream Pro V3 per USB mit meinem PC verbunden ist, überträgt sich die geänderte Software von selbst?

Danke für Eure Hilfe

Kann nun den SPDIF-Eingang aktivieren und er wird in der App angezeigt. Habe auch nur die SPDIF/GND/3V3 verbunden. Kann auch mit der Fernbedienung die Eingänge auswählen. Aber kein Audiosagnal am Speaker-Ausgang. Optisches Signal ist i.O.