Whole House Audio on a Budget

Hey there,
I’ve been setting up a Home Assistant server on my raspberry pi, and figured Whole Home Audio would be a good next step. Right now, I’m just looking to do a couple rooms, with the potential to add more later.

I have a room upstairs and one downstairs, and I would like to do ceiling speakers to keep them out of the way.

What would be the best setup of products, while still remaining budget friendly?



Regarding Home Assistant Arylic products are based on Linkplay platform. So there is a useful LinkPlay Custom Component for HA. https://github.com/nagyrobi/home-assistant-custom-components-linkplay

The developer is also a member of this Forum @robi .

I don’t have any experience with ceiling speakers but the has been plenty of chat about this on the Forum. Maybe search for Polk in the Forum.

Regarding Product selection it will depend if you go for Passive or Powered Speakers. Unless you want something very exotic I would stick to the range of DIY boards Wifi & Bluetooth 5.0 DIY Audio Amp and Receiver Boards- Arylic – arylic.

Hope this helps, Kevin

As far as speaker type, I’m looking at ceiling speakers that would be passive, so I would want a product that can power them.

Amplifier Board with WIFI | DIY Amplifier Kit-Arylic.com – arylic works for me with 24VDC Power Supply :slight_smile: