What products do I need for an upstairs wireless amplifier and downstairs wireless pair of speakers set up?

This is my desire. Unsure if it is possible or which Arylic amplifier/preamplifer and which speakers I need to accomplish this.
I live in a 3 story home. I have a wired turntable with its own phono pre-amp (among other audio output devices) which live on the 2nd floor of my home.
Taking just the turntable as an example:

  • I want to be able to listen to that turntable on the 1st floor of my home.

  • It is not feasible for me to run physical speaker wires from the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor. I also don’t think a Bluetooth signal will pass reliably from the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor (but maybe it would?). Therefore, I am looking specifically for a WiFi solution.

  • In other words, I’m looking to physically connect the RCA output of the turntable’s pre-amp into some kind of WiFi amp. Then have that WiFi amp drive that turntable’s signal to a pair of WiFi speakers which will live on the bottom/1st floor.

Is this set up possible? If so, which Arylic amp and which speakers do I need to buy?

I thought I could do this with the H50 Wireless Stereo Amplifier + a pair of the RK30 Wall Mount Cube Speakers. But I think I am mistaken, especially because I’m now told that the RK30s are passive and regardless have no Wifi or Bluetooth functionality. So I guess at the very least I need a pair of speakers that are both active and have some kind of wireless connectivity functionality?

Appreciate any advice!

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This reply has nothing to do with my question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: