Web Management Password

Hi folks,

when I try to connect my Up2Stream Amp v4 (Firmware 4.6.328252.29) in my webbrowser I get a login screen.

Where do I find the required password?

@Baujahr70 Bernd.

Thanks for Creating a topic called Web Management Password. I’ve seen it somewhere on the Forum but can’t find it :slight_smile:

have you tried “admin” or “password” or nothing for the default ?

I am being lazy I can test tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi , the default password is ‘admin’

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How can I turn off this unnecessary password request on the local network?

You can turn the password request off via the settings button on the top right corner of the web interface.

Lol really, it’s bugging my eyes, thanks… :slight_smile:

– update 2022.08.24

Unfortunately, I was wrong, after restarting the device and the browser, the password is requested again, so the password switch-off is not stored. Is there any solution for this?

It’s a very weak password, and stored in browser cache.

I understand, I just find it unnecessary that every time I start the device and open a browser to select the stream to start, I have to enter the password. I think such “protection” for a home device hanging on the LAN is completely unnecessary…