Web interface with local LAN

Bear with me if this has been posted before but I’ve been experimenting with the Web interface on the local internet. As you may or may not be aware, if you go to the IP address of your unit you get the access to the unit from your PC. If you select the EQ icon and log into the unit with “admin” as a password you get the following screen:

As you can see you now have a midrange setting. Unfortunately the sliders are not always real time. If you use the remote to reduce or increase the settings they are not reflected in the web interface.

As I type this post I’ve been playing around with the web interface and I can not longer access any remote use on the computer while it does update the song in progress. Hmmm.

Ok, so I closed Chrome and reopened it and I have access to the interface again. So just to be more clear, you can change the sliders for each of the 3 EQ settings and the change is live once you drop the setting. Almost a pickup and drop idea. If you change the settings on the remote, the visuals on the PC via the web (lan) are not altered.

What I most like about this is the mid range slider and the having predefined EQ settings like Rock, Jazz and Classical for example.