VU meter project: PeppyMeter > help wanted

Background info
I have seen great DIY projects where people built their own VU-meter boxes. The VU-meters are visually represented on a display (so the meter itself is not hardware). Here’s two examples:


Most of these projects are built with Volumio software and PeppyMeter plugins for the VU-meters. There is a wide collection of VU-meter visuals to choose from. Which makes it fun because changing to another VU meter of your like, is just a click away.

What I want to do
I would like to use PeppyMeter as active VU meter display, responding to the music streamed via Spotify. So it is all about the visual effect of the VU-meters. I think it looks fantastic!
It is possible to run PeppyMeter as stand alone program. And for audio signal input it woks with ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).

My questions

  1. Does anyone have experience with this? Especially for getting the audio signal output of for instance a Up2Stream Mini, working with ALSA to drive the PeppyMeter VU-meter?
  2. Does anyone know sources for buying this type of case to fit in the hardware including the display?

All tips and help are welcome!

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