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As of this morning, 1st Feb 2022, vTuner no longer works on any of my Arylic products - S10, S50 and A50.
The presets were linked to my morning alarm. which did not work. I went in to Internet Radio to search again and just get NO Result.
Anyone have any ideas what has happened?

Hi @SamuelT

I can confirm I have the same experience as yourself. No vTuner today for any devices.

I think it is more related to the 4STREAM APP and the vTuner Music Service but the end result is the same. No vTuner Internet Radio :cry:

For Information I am in UK. Regards, Kevin

I confirm. Does not work.

I have exactly the same problem.

And now it seems to have come back in the 4Stream app …

@SamuelT @NWT.Stuff The vTuner service will probably be removed from Arylic devices - I think this is because the iEast and AudioCast apps, which also use the LinkPlay module, have been updated recently and vTuner is no longer available. Because vTuner is an unreliable service (it has also come out of devices from reputable brands in recent years, such as Sony, Yamaha, and others), we need to figure out how to replace these external, stream link collection services. I solved this from my own source, completely replacing the unstable features of vTuner and iTunes.

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@zitev Thanks for the explanation.

I guess it’s time to move onto another service for Internet Radio :slight_smile:

I just liked the vTuner option as no login and password was required :joy:

It seems the days of Non Login Internet Music Services are clearly near the end :cry:

Thanks Again, Kevin

@NWT.Stuff In my experience, the vast majority of users don’t search but listen to the same 5-10 online radio shows regularly, every day. This need is relatively easy to meet without vTuner and TuneIn. When I was looking for an audio streamer, the point was to be independent of any online service, to be able to handle user-generated streamlists. Unfortunately, Arylic isn’t out-of-the-box yet, but it can be easily solved from an outside source if someone has some IT skills.
One possible solution: - if you have an Entware (OpenWRT)-capable router (eg Asus), install the xupnpd package (opkg install xupnpd) on the SSH console, which has a web interface running at the router’s IP address, port 4044 (this operation requires some IT knowledge, if you prefer to stay with Windows, you will need to look for software that can handle IPTV streams). Here, in the playlist menu, you may want to delete all default example playlists and add your own playlists with your favorite radio streams. XUPnPd shares these playlists on the network, and in the 4Stream app, the shared stream will appear in the My Music-> Home Share (or something like that, I don’t know, it’s not in English for me) menu. If you also want to memorize these radios separately on the buttons on the remote control, save each radio stream to a separate playlist and then add it to the xupnpd playlists so that it can now be stored on the device via the 4Stream app.
The correct list format looks like this:
possible filename: RADIOS.m3u
(open an empty file e.g. In Notepad, paste the desired content and save it as *.m3u!)
possible content/format:


#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://is3-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple126/v4/ed/bf/2a/edbf2a00-baa2-1fef-3c70-556e4a73593f/contsched.cnavrfwd.png/600x600bb.jpg” type=mp3, Radio 538

#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://is2-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Features128/v4/a7/ef/10/a7ef107a-8a30-1eeb-e55d-87520ad82432/pr_source.png/600x150cc.jpg” type=aac, Heart London

#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple116/v4/c4/02/55/c4025590-0d0c-4ecd-cde4-9f5a5de26f92/AppIcon-0-0-1x_U007emarketing-0-0-0-7-0-0-sRGB-0-0-0-GLES2_U002c0-512MB-85-220-0-0.png/600x600bb.jpg” type=aac, Capital London

#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple126/v4/99/15/6b/99156ba6-049d-a19a-bdf7-aba71d0b5fd6/AppIcon-1x_U007emarketing-0-7-0-85-220.png/600x600bb.jpg” type=aac, RDS - 100% Grandi Successi

#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://www.radio.net/images/broadcasts/bc/61/41066/2/c300.png” type=aac, WHTZ - Z100 New York

Here’s how to create a playlist file for the stations you want to memorize on the remote control’s presets:

Possible filename: Heart London.m3u
The content of the playlist is:

#EXTINF:-1 logo=“https://is2-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Features128/v4/a7/ef/10/a7ef107a-8a30-1eeb-e55d-87520ad82432/pr_source.png/600x150cc.jpg” type=aac, Heart London

Arylic has published the following parameters for extended M3U tags: Arylic Audio HTTP API

That’s pretty much it … :slight_smile:


Thanks @zitev I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the recommendation of the M3U route.

I am fairly confident I will be able to do something that way with https://www.home-assistant.io/ which I have available in my home network :slight_smile: