Volume control with home assistant and Lutron pico

I’m working on HA automation to control volume that gets triggered from a wall switch (Lutron pico). My upstream is working fine as a media player in HA including volume slider on different media cards.

When I call the service media_player.volume_up (or down or setvolume) nothing happens on the device.

Anyone else see this problem?


I have messed around with Home Assistant, Arylic Devices and other Media Players. The Service media_player.xyz will involve third party software and Integrations like LinkPlay or DLNA_DMR etc. I found the most reliable (and fastest response) for commands HA <> Arylic products was to communicate directly using the Arylic httpapi commands and shell_commands service. e.g.

  77_vol_up: "curl:"
  77_vol_down: "curl:"

You can then call shell commands as a service.

I usually make the commands accessible using a script

  alias: BOX Volume Up
    - service: shell_command.77_vol_up

  alias: BOX Volume Down
    - service: shell_command.77_vol_down

For a full list of httpapi commands refer to