Using two Up2Stream plate Amps for a two way stereo system?

I bought two plate amps for designing a 2-way stereo system i.e. using a plate amp for each channel and designing a filter network as crossover.
After that it became obvious to me that this seems to be not the way these amps are designed for?
Before sinking another 20$ for the ACPWorkbench, can someone clearify if it is possible:

  • to use a plateamp for a two way box, one channel for the tweeter, one channel for Bass, i.e. digital crossover (I’m sure that might be possible with ACPWorkbench)
  • to define one plateamp as the left stereo channel and one as right stereo channel?
  • to link the two plateamps to act as a stereo system?
  • What typ of connector is the internal speaker cable, as I need a second one for the second internal speaker.

Thank you!

Fi Fams,
The issue you have not addressed yet is the latency between each speaker when two separate plate amps are used. They will play the same music but not in absolute sync I am afraid. This is all part of the “party mode” world that afflicts every product of this type.