Using TuneIn with 4Stream App, radio station audio disapears.

I have an Up2stream Pro connected to my home Ethernet network with wired 10baseT Ethernet. The pro is connected to an amplifier.

I start the TuneIn stream with the app and all is fine. I turn the amplifier off. A long time later (overnight), I turn the amplifier on and the audio is gone. I look at the device with the app’s full-screen display. The white circle is displaying a pseudo frequency/amplitude display. I press the small white square at the left of the display. The white circle changes to a right-pointing arrow. I then press the arrow and eventually the audio returns.

It seems to me that during the night, the Pro should have noticed that it was not providing the audio and done what I had to do manually, restarting the audio… Looks like a problem for the software guys.

If it makes a difference, I’m asking Tunein to play KCBS a 24-hour news station in San Francisco.

@garitron why don’t you paste the radio’s direct link into the ‘open network stream’ and play it, bypassing the 3rd party tunein service?..

I’m not sure, maybe the playback is terminated and did not recover for some reason, eg, network jittering.

Update: I have found that when using the “Internet Radio” Music Service in the app (called “vTuner” when running), the problem does not occur. I still think the Pro’s software 'ought to recover and restart the stream when it gets interrupted.