Using SPDIF input on Up2stream Amp 2.1

I want to connect a RaspberryPi with HiFiBerry SPDIF out to the SPDIF in of the Up2stream Amp 2.1. I have tried to connect the SPIF out (2 wires) directly to the pin-connector on the Amp. Unfortunately without success. As a check, I connected the HiFiBerry SPDIF out to my PC-soundcard (which also has SPDIF input) and it worked without problems.
So my question: do I need the SPDIF input module that is offered from Arylic to make it work, or is there any other workarround?
Many thanks for your help!

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Normally you only need to connect the SPDIF and GND pins from the Pi board to AMP2.1, and change to OPTICAL mode for AMP2.1. And the AMP2.1 board should accept a TTL logic level SPDIF signal. I’m not sure if the format of the SPDIF output of the Pi board is OK.

Hi zpl1015, thanks for your answer. Actually, this is exactly what I did, I connected the two wires of the Pi SPFI board to SPDIF an GND but the result is silence :frowning:
As mentioned, the same two wired connected to my PC-soundcard works well.
I wonder if the Arylic SPDIF-module will help if I use the optical cable? Or is this a a matter of the SPDIF settings?
Cheers, Markus

Hi Markus, If the PI board transmit the SPDIF signal over optical, it won’t have the voltage level issue then.