Using I2S out from Arylic Up2Stream Pro V3

Hi All,

Just a quick one. I have build a AD1862 DAC and i was thinking of using the Up2Stream pro V3 and take the i2S out from there. Has anyone already tried this? If so how has been your experience.
I am planning to get rid of the USB and Optical inputs from the DAC and use this as a single source to stream music.

Please advise.


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Great to see somone who is taken the challange of using the I2S.
I successfully have a cheapo PCM5102 DAC in use. I also had success with the Wondom JAB5 and WM8804.
It works very well, but there is a downside. Volume controle with the remote controler won’t work
if you are using multiroom. In ACPWorkbench you are not able to use the audio effects section.
Hope this helps. Soon I will make a tutorial on this I2S part.



@j.eeken1 Look forward to the tutorial :slight_smile:

For the issue you’ve mentioned, it’s a defective in design, and need to change hardware to fix.

Thank you for your honosty. Actualy, it may be not a defective for some people. I2S and the regular output
can be used at the same time. The regular output can still be used with the audio effects, while I2S remains untouched. So, someone can use it to design a crossover for a subwoofer amplifier for bass or surround to add some ambience.

This is great. I have a AD1862 which has i2s input. As of now I am using a Xmos to feed the dac which is being fed by RPI. I want to move out of RPI, so planning on using the upstream pro and directly mounting it inside the dac cabinet and take the i2S out.