Using Both Wifi & Ethernet at the same time

Is it possible to use both connections with different IPs or is one prioritized and other one disabled?
Explanation why I want to do such thing: I’m building amplifier based on Up2stream Amp 2.1 with other HW in same enclosure that needs to know some additional data from the board. I cannot use UART as it is not available on AMP 2.1 so I wanted to use HTTP API, but I do not have Ethernet at the final destination so AMP will be connected to internet by WIFI but I do not want my HW that will be in same box with AMP to communicate via WIFI, that will probably not be very reliable in long term.
So my question is, can I connect my custom HW via ethernet, assign second IP and use API across this connection while still be able to stream music via WIFI?

Hi @unhookDucktail.

I have read your post a few times and I am not really sure I can see what your trying to achieve. Could you maybe make a sketch which shows the communications and protocols used in your hardware scenario ?

I don’t thing the Arylic devices support Wireless Interface WLAN and Hard Wired LAN at the same time. I would only expect to this sort of arrangement when you have Sub Networks and I can’t really see the need for this in the Home Audio World.

One Ethernet TCP/IP Sever Connection Server ( WLAN or LAN) can handle all the traffic you need from multiple clients or single client with multiple messages e.g. HTTP API. Stream Audio, etc. etc.

I probably think I am missing something so if you could clarify your question I think we should be able to help.

Hope this helps, Kevin

If wired it appears Arylic shuts down wifi radio so that makes wired the “priority”. Can’t even ping the wireless ip.
Are your wired and wireless not on same subnet? There’s plenty of bandwidth to send simple API command in between sounds of music, peop are using it for video everywhere ie Ring cameras.

Hi, when connected with ehternet, the device will stop WIFI connection to use the more stable ethernet. But for you requirement, you can activate the hotspot of the device, then you can connect to the device directly via WIFI, so you should be able to use the API to control the device.