Using Arylic with older amp and passive speakers

I’m new here and need some guidance on what Arylic product(s) would fit my needs for this setup.

  • Zone 1 - Family Room. Yamaha RX-V1900 receiver connected to Google TV, and 5.1 speakers/sub.
  • Zone 2 - Living Room. In ceiling passive speakers
  • Zone 3 - Patio. In ceiling passive speakers


  1. Playing audio (e.g. Spotify) from Google TV app in Z1 and being able to listen to that audio in any combination of Z2 and Z3.
  2. Watching TV in Z1 and being able to listen to different audio sources in Z2 and Z3.

I currently run all 3 zones through my Yamaha receiver which is nice but is very clumsy to use as it is not wifi enabled, can only use IR remote, etc. I have a Logitec Harmony device that helps with some of this but is limited, the app is horrible, and they are discontinuing support.

I’m sure that Arylic could be used for this setup, but I’m not exactly sure how and what products I would need. Appreciate any help.

Just to be clear, you power 3 sets of speakers with the one Yamaha RX-V1900 receiver? Does that mean the volume is the same level in each Zone?

I can only share what I’ve settled on here. I use the S50 Pro+ as a preamp from my TV to an amp (Aiyima D03) to my family room speakers. They are also my TV sound speakers.

In the kitchen I have a pair of Edifier passive speakers powered by the S30 (30 watt) amp.

In the living room I have a small Cambridge Audio Model 88 (Bose like radio) with an S10 to the aux input.

Rather than have each Zone at the same level, they can be independent of each other in both volume and content.

If you do decide to group them for content then be aware that while watching TV the audio will be out of sync. Not a deal breaker as a simple ungrouping in the app syncs the audio/ video again.

Thanks so much for the reply.

Currently the Yamaha RX-V1900 powers each of the 3 sets of speakers - and the levels can be different in each zone. If I went in this direction, I’d decouple Z2 and Z3 from the Yamaha receiver, which I think is fine.

I’m not fully undestanding - what do you use to connect from the TV to the S50+ to the amp?

My TV has an optical out. This is sent to my S50 Pro+ via optical in. Then the S50 Pro+ has an optical out to my Amp via optical in.

At this point the Amp uses its DAC to send the signal amplified to the passive speakers.

Basically the S50 Pro+ is just a pass through for the TV audio. The reason it is being utilized is that the amp has only one input for optical so it will effectively be a switch from the TV audio to any of the S50 selections (WiFi, USB, Aux, BT)

Or perhaps you were asking what sort of cable?

Optical cable.

@Wilbour thank you for the reply. My setup is different in that my Yamaha receiver is the source for Audio and Video. For example, I have a Google Chromecast, Roku, and DVD Player connected to the Yamaha via HDMI inputs. The TV really just acts as a monitor connected to the receiver via HDMI out. Sorry I should have mentioned that. I’m trying to find posts with similar setups.

Hi - replying to a very old reply that you sent to me. I am now finally all set up and things work pretty well. I am however gettiing the slight audio delay as you mentioned. What did you mean by “simple ungrouping in the app syncs the audio/video again”. I can’t seem to figure that part out.