Using ACP workbench to upload to board is not working

Hi all

I have got a Amp V4 that i am trying to configure with APCWorkbench.
I have a portable speaker that is being power cycled a lot.

When i press “Save configuration to flash” in the tool, the configuration does not seem to stay on the board when i turn it off and on again. Though it seems some parameters do, the “Virtual bass 0x83” does not. I have tried a lot of different things, and i cannot get the option to be on when i cycle the power to the board.

Also, if anyone can tell me what the options is when using the “Save configuration to flash” button does, i can choose some group number, that i dont understand.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction, because this is frustrating.

Hi, the Virtual Bass is enabled and disabled by the remote control, so it now will follow the system settings, will change to sync the settings next.

Just an idea, but maybe there is a way to implement VB activation into the 4Stream App EQ settings. or just save the state the user sets it to.

yes, good suggestion, will try to do this.

I agree, some kind of advanced options menu with the virtual bass, stereo widen and harmonic exciter would be absolutely awesome to have in the app!

Hello sir, I just purchased the A50 and the ACP workbench and have also noticed the same thing with the VB. Once I set it, it does not stay when I toggle power. How do you enable VB from the remote and how do you maintain VB? Thanks

I have seen more people complain about this recently, so i hope the developers does something to fix it, however, pretty much nothing has happened since i opened this thread.

Thanks for the follow up. Frank Z indicated you can control the VB from the remote. Have you been able to confirm this? What button on the remote controls this?

I dont have the remote, as i use mine as a portable speaker, so i think that having this as the only solution is inadequate. My only choice is to basically hook up my pc every time i turn it on, which is daily. Pretty annoying.

Understood, thanks for the feedback.

Hi Frank, can you confirm what button on the remote controls virtual bass? Once toggled from the remote, dose the setting stay when the unit is powered off? Thanks

Hi, the VB settings is not saved by mistake, even when you enable it with IR. and this issue have been fixed, will include this change in next update.
Btw, the d.bass button is used to switch on/off the virtual bass. It’s a red hart for a remote which has old silkprint.

Hello Frank, do you have an anticipated release date for the update? Is this pushed out automatically or do users have manually updated? Thank you

it will be updated automatically, we are trying to change to let user determine, but because of some agreements of linkplay with some music services, the OTA need to be pushed in the background.

Hi joy
Eagerly awaiting to see this feature in the next firmware update

Hallo, kann ich den VirtualBass auch über HTML aktivieren und deaktivieren?