Use SPDIF Out Board as Input


I recently bought a SPDIF Output board for outputting audio signals from my 2.1 Amp to an additional soundbar. Now I decided to change the setup and want to use the SPDIF Output Board as input but can’t get it to work. I have already set the SPDIF Pin as Input in ACPWorkbench.
Is that possible or do I have to buy the Input board. If yes, what is the difference between those two boards?

BTW, the white text (silkscreen) on the 2 pin power header of the 2.1 Amp is wrong. The +5V and GND Pins are swapped. But connecting them with the cable to an extension board makes it correct, fortunately.

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Hi TJ1999, you can use the COAX interface for in or out, but not OPTICAL. The Optical component for input and output is different in physical, and can’t repalce.

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Thank you very much for your reply!
I have ordered an SPDIF In board now.