Use case? Multiroom multi user?

Hi there I’m currently doing a full renovation to my flat. and am considering a whole home audio solution. having found the arylic products i am asking for advice on this use-case.

i wanted a system that could that could have multiple zones or groups, i.e. kitchen, bedroom1, bedroom 2, utility, frontroom, kicten, hallway etc etc. The ability to be able to sync multiple zones or groups whilst also having the ability to be user independant, i.e. 2 people at home, 1 person can have zone 1 and 2 playing spotify and person 2 can have there own music playing in bedroom 1.

is this feasible?

also are these compatible with google / apple / alexa?

many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Arylic doesn’t make a multi zone amplifier, streaming different content to different rooms or zones requires a device in every zone.
There is a multi zone pre-amp available (H400 4 zone) but in your case needing Alexa a separate H50 in each zone might be your best option

Hi mate, the plan is to have a device in every zone.

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