USBDAC with Up2Stream Pro V4

Good afternoon every body,

My Up2Stream module only connect to PC by USBDAC mode in the first time.
After press button for change mode USBDAC → LINE IN → WIFI → BT → USBDAC not connect. And it will connect when turn off module and re-turn on.
Has anyone had this problem, or know how to fix it?

Thanks and best regard.

I don’t use the button plate, but with my ProV3 and via the remote it’s working fine…
Good luck.

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Who can help me about this problem? 2 board Up2Stream Pro V4 have this issue together.
Can’t re-connect to PC by USBDAC mode if don’t unplug micro USB cable and re-plug or turn-off the module. Push switch mode button then USBDAC mode not active.