UpStream2 HD DAC - does it use A31 chipset?

I’m looking to get into the guts a bit of my 3 Arylic Upstream2 HD DAC with Airplay units so i can better integrate it with my Home Assistant. I believe under the covers is a Linkplay chip set and i’ve seen the Arylic developers site with some documentation.

Does this board (Upstream2 HD DAC) use “A31 based products” and therefore i can use this documentation to guide me? If not what chipset does it use and can anyone point me to any documentation that will let me do things like TCP into the board to get song info, control playback, etc.?

I don’t understand everything about networking, but I’ll write what I know. The HD series uses A97 instead of A31.

As you know, network commands are listed here.