Update API doc and bug fix API´s


When can we expect API bug fixes?
When can we expect updated API documentation?

I can lower the volume through the HTTP API´s, but I only get an OK, when I try to increase the volume.

The change is described to be relative in percent, which is fine, but there should be an API to set absolute level also.

When I try to start a firmware download I only get an OK. This is very uninformative. Running the update status API gives me status code 20, which is not in the documentation.

Reboot API responds with unknown command

I like your product. I have bought more than 10pcs of S10´s. But my home automation have stranded due to all the flaws in your API´s.

Please fix, update doc and release moe API´s :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using S10 running FW: 4.2.9326.24, build date 20210226.

Thanks for the feedback . SW guy will reply and improve that soon :slight_smile:

How do I increase the volume via the API? Method http://X.X.X.X/httpapi.asp?command=setPlayerCmd:Vol%2B%2Bn it doesn’t work

Maybe this will help. /httpapi.asp?command=setPlayerCmd:vol:50

i get that too, have you found the solution yet?