Up2stream V4

I would wish a GPIO Connection to RaspberryPi Computers (or maybe Integration of a Pi Zero into the Amplifier). Many cool things would be possible with the Integration of a popular Microcomputer into the board.
I know Up2Stream i9s programmable as well, but the Raspberry is around in the Millions, and many cool sound Projects would be possible with a popular and common platform

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I am pretty sure I read a post on the forum where the Arylic GPIO is configurable using the ACP Workbench so maybe search around on the forum.

I am interested to know what Functionality you are thinking of that would be assisted with GPIO on RPI ? I have a lot of experience with RPI so I am interested to know what youe ideas are for applications :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Kevin

Basically to add a Microcomputer to use the DAC of the V4 and get Power from it over GPIO directly

Are you from the Arylic Team?

If you are from the Arylic team, I have some Issues to report:

  • I discovered that the USB Interface(the regular, not the Micro-USB) of the Up2Stream is not powered off when you turn off the Amplifier. That means, any device connected to that Port is still under Power
    -It would be nice to have a “Shutdown” Button in the App
    -Would be nice if the Bluetooth could send to Wireless Speakers also with bluetooth (Airport not possible;proprietary Apple stuff)

@gopher I am not from the Arylic Team. Just an independent on the forum. Regards Kevin

It is. I have to figure out how to use this.

Based on how I typically use the V3 I’d like the V4 to have:

  1. A onboard DC-DC converter that allows it to be used with a wide 18-75V DC input range (e.g. TMR-4-4811).
  2. Default to the higher quality ES9023P for analogue audio output.
  3. All the pins to be available via standard Molex KK header (analogue audio, IIS, power, WPS/reset etc).