Up2stream v4 - Wifi issue

Hi There,

I’m using an Up2stream v4 board to power two ceiling speakers. It’s connected via ethernet and wifi. Everything is great aside from the fact that when I turn certain lights on in the house it announces ‘Connected to your wifi network’ as it does in first setup.

It’s important to note that all my lighting is running on shelly modules, which are also on wifi. I imagine it’s got something to do with wifi interference but my understanding was that wifi isn’t used on the Arylic if i’m using the ethernet connection?

If anyone has any ideas it would be hugely appreciated.



Hi Joe, for AMP V4 board, wifi is not used when connected ethernet. And maybe you could just remove the device wifi settings to make sure it won’t connect.


Thanks for the suggestion, I can’t seem to find a way to remove the wifi settings. Is there a guide or do you have any suggestions? The web interface seems to allow just switching networks



Hi Joe,
Have you tried holding the power / reset button for 5 seconds, this should remove the wifi settings

No I haven’t, i’ll try that thanks a lot - I take it this doesn’t reset to factory settings?

Once for around 5 seconds resets the wifi, three presses is for full reset.

You could select reset factory on APP to reset this device.