Up2stream v.4 Amp - Wifi and Lan port connected in the same time

Hi everybody, nice to meet you.
I have a project to make a stand-alone speaker 3d printed, included the Up2stream Amp board.
It would be great to integrate a display in order to manage the speaker.
For this purpose, I planned to add a raspberry pi with a 7" lcd touch monitor in kiosk mode to only display the Up2stream web interface.

Ideally I don’t want the rpi connected to the network so I would like to use the LAN ports between the up2stream and rpi board. Unfortunately I can see that the up2stream stop the wifi connection when the lan port is connected.
Is a way to change this and connect simultaneously the wifi and the lan port ?

Thank you in advance for your help and best regards.

Out of curiosity, what inputs or streaming protocols are you using to get music to the speaker? If it’s a security concern around the rpi (but not the Arylic board) I am especially curious.

This is an interesting problem, and I’m sure the engineers can explain why the Arylics Amp board can or cannot use two different network interfaces.

Have you been able to establish a wired ethernet network connection directly between the Amp board and a raspberry pi? That is intriguing, thank you for sharing, and sorry I’m weighing in without any helpful advice.