UP2Stream spotify Quality settings or bandwith

Hi there,
using a pro v3 and i wonder if it will use my quality from my premium account. cant check it, cant customize it.
it is hooked up in my car via optical out direct into a dsp. the up2stram and my mobile use a LTE connection, so i can control it over the network.
i dont know if the audio stream is over wlfi in the car (from mobile client), or the UP2 is streaming direct from spotify.

Does somebody know?

regards roland

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Hi Roland,

Are you saying that your mobile makes a hotspot network that your up2stream is connected to ? Or is there something else in the car.

The key to answer your question is what is where is the access point for you LAN/WLAN sitting and what is the gateway to the the internet? e.g. your mobile LTE ?



Hello Kevin,

have to make it more clear:

Arylic module → wifi → LTE Router → internet
Mobile → wifi → LTE Router → internet

spotify stream connections possilble:
1.) mobile is sending the stream from client to arylic over wifi.
2.) mobile acts just as remote and arylic is streaming on its own from internet

First one i can check, if i connect phone direkt to LTE, then Wifi is not possible.
But car is getting right in this moment a custom made sub. :slight_smile: have to wait…

regards roland

Hi Roland,

I find the best way to illustrate the process is shown below.

Sorce Sink Control Point

e.g. So in your case your

  • Source (Server) is Spotify Server
  • Sink (Client or Renderer) is Arylic Pro V3
  • Control Point is the Phone

In most scenarios the Control Point will select the track , adjust the volume. Once the Parameters have been chosen the stream can be executed between SINK & SOURCE (Shown as Out of Band Transfer).

I think this what you describe as Case 2).

I guess an alternative scenario when you are listening on your phone is
Source is Spotify Server
Mobile is Control Point & Sink(Client)

I have having trouble understanding what is your case 1)

Hope this helps


Hello Kevin,

tanks for the display of connections.

How can i check or setuo the quality? Where can ich check the bitrate?


Hi Roland (@rolli17 ).

Not done this sort of stuff for a long time. There will be a way :slight_smile:

So is your Mobile Phone iOS or Android ?



Hello Kevin, i use Android.

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And finally I have absolutely no experience with LTE Routers. Can you connect to this Network with a laptop computer ?

If the answer is yes then , Mac. Windows or Chrome IOS ?



P.S. Spotify don’t really want you to know the bitrate otherwise it would be published in their app !! Not promising anything but I will give it a go :slight_smile:

Hi Roland, the LTE router is the WiFi access point on your car, right? If so, when you start playing the Spotify with mobile, the pro will stream audio data from Spotify directly, and the phone works like a remote controller in this scheme.


I have no Problems with Connection or streaming itself, this is working.
Answer is already given i think, they dont want to Show us the bitrate and arylic cant show it either.

So we dont know if we geht the quality we Pay for spotify. Dont geht me wrong the quality seems ok.


The current Spotify connect is not streaming HD content, we also have no idea for the detailed bitrate information, but if the audio quality is ok, maybe we could enjoy the music itself.

@rolli17 I understand where you are coming from :slight_smile: we can give it a go but will probably involve packet sniffing. Clearly it’s a spotify black box approach :hot_face: