Up2Stream Pro ver 2, ver 3, ...

Does the Up2Stream Pro ver. 2 board support the current firmware, can I update the firmware to the latest version?
Will Arylic release ver 4 or something similar for this board?

Hi Nya, all of our products will update the firmware version automatically.
We called it “OTA”

You will get the notification in 4STREAM APP once it is available.

About the DIY boards, actually Up2stream HD DAC may be upgrade version of Up2stream Pro.

I understood your answer. I did not use my board for a long time, I see ver. 3 and HD DAC boards are the latest. Is it correct for ver. 2 update the firmware without problems?

Are you planning to release another new version of WiFi PCB?

Hi Nya, the hardware of ver2 and ver3 is different. So the firmware is not compatible.

About the WiFi PCB, I think you mean WiFi streamer board series?
We don’t have plan of the first half year. We are planning Airplay 2 series finished product this year.
And very appreciate you are continuously following us!

That is, you continue to release firmware updates for ver. 2 board, and they will automatically update to the latest version correctly?

Waiting your answer… :expressionless: