Up2Stream Pro v4 - Encoder stops working

I’ve spent just well over $4,000 usd over the last couple of years probably more in Arylic amps and accesories. And ymost of the time, I’ve had no issues. It’s when there’s a problem that it’s incredibly frustrating to deal with it and it’s just easier to replace the part than to attempt to figure it out.

That’s the case today with a Pro V4 (and a Pro V3). I installed the Pro V4 with a nice set of ICEPower amplifiers, after a few minutes of enjoyment, the encoder simply stopped working. I tested said encoder with another Arylic device and to my surprise, the encoder is just fine. So I replaced the Pro V4 with the only spare I had, which happened to be V3. Used ACP Workbench to copy my settings from the V4 before it and it bricked. The Uploadtool finds it and “sends” the firmware update (I thought forcing an update could possibly break it out of the brick), but never does anything. Ordered another V4 already, knowing now that not one but two similar models have failed on me.

I decided to check continuity on the V4 board for the encoder. Everything is fine. I did a full factory reset and nothing. Then, after letting it sit unused for an hour, I tried again and boom! Worked without a problem. Great! Solved! What was the problem? Doesn’t matter!

– Minutes later, encoder stops working again. WTF is going on?

I hope the replacement I ordered lasts more than an hour.

Anybody has any clue what the deal here is?

I’m using Arylics own encoder board (which I have a decent stock of) as well as my own custom encoders.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what’s going on, but from what you’ve described. The encoder might not be connected well. Anyway, we’ll try to test it and feedback. And you could help to take a picture to show the connection of your board.