Up2Stream Pro V3 _ with spdif output board

Need help.
When outputting audio through spdif using an spdif out card, sound interruptions are obtained both in optics and in coaxial.
Disabled the rest of the pins, leaving only vcc, gnd, spdif. The situation has not changed.
Advise a solution to the problem.
The problem manifests itself on different audio receivers, to a greater or lesser extent.

Hi @VladimirZP ,

Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of good ideas and help available on this Forum (and especially nice people).

I can’t help you with your problem as I have no experience this way. However I am sure I have seen similar issues appear on the Forum. Maybe search on the Forum posts a bit and you might find something that will help you.

Good Luck, Kevin

Hi Vladimir, I had a similar issue. I fixed it by fitting flat ferrite cores around the interconnect cable. I had to take off the ribbon plug but it was quite easy using a pin to release each tang.
There is an issue here that should be looked at in more detail I think.
Before you try to fit the core just try holding the interconnect in your fingers, this fixed it initially and was why I fitted the cores.
Hope this helps.