Up2Stream Pro V3: White LED: endless fast flashing

Hi there,

I’ve had my Up2Stream Pro V3 for about a month. I have set it up completely, given it a name “Parents Rx” and already registered it in the Android app.

For whatever reason, the device has now disappeared from the app and I wanted to register it again. No matter what I try (double or triple tap on power or hold down the power button and plug in the USB), the white LED flashes endlessly. When I plug in a LAN cable, nothing changes.

Also somewhat irritating: The Bluetooth name has changed from “Parent Rx” to “Parent_BCCE-BLE”. Connecting via BT still works.

What could be the problem and what options do I have to fix this?

Does no one have any idea what the problem could be?

Is there any way to reset the system completely? Or reflash the OS?

(macOS 13 on MBP16 M1)

I would disconnect power, for at least a minute or longer. Then try to connect power. If that doesn’t work try the reset using the button again. I have had to do this type of reset before.

I hope you can get it reset and reconnected.

That did not help. :confused: