Up2stream Pro v3 stopped working properly with firmware upgrade

My Up2stream Pro v3 just did a firmware upgrade to 4.6.337862.29 and now I can’t hear my music through the speakers. I use a MacBook Air to play my music through Airplay and it worked fine. I just paused it for 20 mins then it stopped working.
Pretty sure it did an update because I had the same issue last year where the music cut in and out but I was able to find an older firmware version and install it. Now I can’t seem to find anything on the web and am getting fed up with spending so much time on this. Turned power off/on, tried to reset factory settings and still nothing. Does anyone know a fix or where to find older firmware versions? I don’t even remember how I did it, but the instructions were easy to follow.
I might be two versions behind now, not even sure???

No idea what happened but it started working, didn’t change a thing. Hopefully it keeps working!