Up2Stream Pro V3 SPDIF and ACP workbench

I’m new to the forum but have been using Arylic Up2Stream Pro V2 boards for a few years. Just purchased two V3 boards (no amp) and I used the ACP workbench to toggle the SPDIF function pin status from “OUT” to “IN”. The SPDIF pin continues to output coax digital audio just fine no matter which way I set the IN or OUT while connected to ACP Workbench.

Is there another setting in ACP workbench that I must change to make the pin on the V3 board to function as a SPDIF IN? Can’t figure out why the board does nothing when I change the “Out” to “IN”

I don’t need an optical in so I thought I could simply use the pin reconfigured as SPDIF IN on the V3 board rather than buying the SPDIF IN board.

It’s probably not this, but some functions take effect after you save the configuration to the board.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try soon and post my result.

Hi, to switch the SPDIF function, you need to download the settings to flash. And then you need to reset factory on APP to activate the OPT entry on APP. If all goes fine, you should select the OPT on APP to activate the SPDIF IN.