Up2Stream Pro V3 FirmWare Update fails

Hello Projecteers, any help would be very useful here…

I have just bought an up2stream pro v3 to add to my project.

On first connect to the app it said that it needed a firmware update, which started normally but then gave a message that it had failed.

From that point it would not connect to the wired network. Connecting via wifi was ok but no option to update firmware.

So using the firmware update tool I connected to the device, downloaded the firmware hit the update button.
Firmware uploading…
Firmware updating…
Then nothing until Update Failed (Percent no increase)!!!

any tips on what I might do next ? Or is my board bricked??


try to reset the device an try it again, there are several discussions about this behavior - unfortunatly arylic doesn’t fix this bug…

Hey ARYLIV - maybee this would be a nice Xmax-present for all users :wink: