Up2Stream pro v3 clicking noise with mean well psu

I built a active speaker and want to use the Up2Stream pro v3 for bluetooth mainly.
The speaker itself works great. But as soon as i try to use the Up2Stream i get a weird noise.

My wiring is as shown. If I dont use the Up2Stream and go from a phone directly into the miniDSP everything works just fine.
I tried a lot of things but didnt get any helpful information.

I tried several things, which got mentioned in this forum. An Antistatic bag didn´t got me any improvement so far. I also tried using a dc to dc converter to get the 36v to 5v usb → No improvement.

I think its some weird thing with the board, cause the ticking is at the same frequency as the led blinking. But i don´t understand, what causes this issue.
I am not able to get my hands on an oscilloscope to measure the power input.

Hi @D4nie , I suggest you can power the unit with separate 5V1A micro USB power supply. So we can figure out if the issue is related to power supply or not.

I tested it with a usb power supply of my bose SL mini 2. No noise… but it sais, its a switching power supply too. So i´d say its not a problem with switching power supplies in general. But i may be wrong.

But i want to keep my build as clean as possible

It might cause by loop ground between PRO and MINIDAC, you could use the I2S output of PRO to MINIDAC. It also could remove the unesessary DA/AD

so how exactly should I wire it?
Sorry I´m new to this topic

Try a direct connection to your amplifier module and see if the problem persists?

i am using the miniDSP as a digital crossover and eq for my system.

The miniDSP needs 12.288MHz as a clock.
Is the proV3 a master or slave device with I2S?

It´s a 2 way mono speaker. So i need the miniDSP as a crossover for the tweeter and woofer

From the instruction sheet:
The system is running in master mode, you should make sure the IIS port of connected device is running in slave mode.
MCLK is 11.288MHz, so it might not be compatible?

I think it is not compatible.
The miniDSP can be put in slave mode, but it still requires a stable Master Clock at 12.288MHz

By placing the MiniDSP in External Master Clock Slave mode, the MiniDSP requires a stable master clock
(MCLK=12.288MHz) on Pin

But i dont think it´s a ground loop issue, because I tried using a external psu for the miniDSP, so the ProV3 has his own 5V psu. Still the hiss and crackling

Try and narrow down the location of the issue, you could try headphones on the output of the pro and see if there is the same noise?
If you have other speakers, try without the miniDSP

I tried it with a different set of active speakers.
If I only connect the Pro v3: no noise.
Pro v3 → miniDSP → speaker = noise

So i assume its some kind of ground Loop? But I never sounds like that as a ground loop. That´s why im confused.
I ordered a ground loop isolator. Maybe the problem is solved with this.

I agree, a ground loop is hum rather than a clicking sound.

The problem was solved with the ground loop isolator.
Really interesting. Never heard a ground loop like that before

its probably caused due to the Wondom Tripaht btl chip and common ground within the setup

Hi @D4nie ,

I suggest to power it directly from the amplifier. The Amplifier does have a connector for an external volume control that outputs 5volts. On the back of the amp are two LM317G voltage regulaters and according to the datasheet it can deliver 1A. I guess the second one is for the fan.
I will test it myself later today. I have the smaller brother of the Amp (TAMP2100).


Hi @D4nie

Well,I tested it and I heared what sound problems are coming from the amp. I started testing with the onboard 5volt on the amp and it is even worse!!
I wanted to know if the problem is caused by the Arylic board, I did some more tests:

  1. I used an extenal psu for the Arylic board. Issue was still there, but not that loud.
  2. Using an external I2S dac did not make any difference. Not even with a shielded cables.

So, the pro v3 is not the problem. My last test was using the external Wondom volume controle board. Suddenly all issues were gone.
I didn’t expect that this would make such a big difference. Still I don’t what it will do when the minidsp is between the chain.

I hope I could help you with this.

I have only one question for you. What advantage does the minidsp over the internal dsp of the pro v3? To me, it does make no sence to convert a digital signal to analog, than back to digital and then back again to analog. The pro v3 dsp processes the digital signal directly. So, the conversion to analog will only be just once at the output.


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I use the miniDSP as a digital crossover. I don´t know if the proV3 is capable to act as a crossover.
It is my first speaker project and it might not be the best solution available. But the one i found.
But I´m open for improvements and tipps.