Up2stream Pro Coaxial in and out

I cannot seem to get this right. I would like to connect a coaxial digital in and out.
I can get the coaxial out but not the in on the Up2stream Pro

@staxza i think the change for the direction of the coax you will need ACPWorkbench, and another expansion board.

I see a 7 PIN plug receptacle, l Just Need coax Digital out to connect It to my external dac. Which two Pina should l be using? Signal and ground??

The board does not support SPDIF in and out simultaneously. It could be configured either in or out. And for PRO, it’s default out, and you need the ACP tool to configure it to input.

Basically yes, you could connect the GND and SPDIF pins to your coax input of DAC.

I do have ACPWorkbench. I know I need an expansion board for optical but not always for coax.
I was able to get coax out by just connecting to the pins. Coax digital in is not working.
Would like to get coax in and out working at the same time.

Do you have an Up2stream board or amp that does support coax in and out?

Hi, the HD board allows for digital in and out. Up2Stream HD DAC - Airplay 2 High-Res Wireless aptx HD Audio Streaming

Ok thanks. I have 8 boards but not that one. I will keep that in mind when I order again.

I do have an Amp2.0 in the same rack. Is it possible to connect a coaxial to the SPDIF as in and an SPDIF out board to the I2S as out?

Come to think of it. How about on the Up2stream connect the SPDIF (in or out) and the I2S (in or out) to a in or out board? What ever combination is possible.

Probably your best idea, use the spdif in and the I2s as out. You would need a converter unless your DAC will accept I2s directly.

What Is the resolution at the Dac out anyway ??? I m told Is Just 44 kilohertz (?)

Yep, if you are looking for hi res, look somewhere else.

If i succeed in getting the spdif signal out to my hi res dac…Will l have a hi res sound? Thanks

You will be getting the source signal 44.1Khz, which by the way is more than adequate for general listening, just not critical listening.

So I will connect the coax to the SPDIF pin directly but use an Arylic SPDIF out board connected to the I2S pins?

The board is programmed for digital in or digital out (this can be changed with the ACP workbench tuning tool) but not both at once.
To get both I’m thinking that you would need an I2S to SPDIF converter which is a separate board/unit. You should be able to find one of these if you search for i2s to SPDIF Digital converter.

But why then they state the gizmo can handle 96 kHz??

The spec actually tells you that it’s 44.1khz 16 bit CD quality

Yes. But if l take the bit flow and i treat It on my dac, Will l get a higher resolution???

To put it simply, you cannot improve the signal quantity or add information to it by increasing the bit depth.