Up2Stream playing Spotify in a chromecast group?

Hi there,
is it possible to integrate a Up2Stream Amp into a chromecast multiroom group to play Spotify or Deezer? Couldn´t find anything definitive on that topic…


Sure. Get a chromecast audio,Chromecast w/audio extractor, mii box S with audio out or a Wiim Pro and use it as the aux input.

A convoluted solution because arylic chose not to support Chromecast but chose to support Amazon and Airplay, two inferior whole home audio options.

It’s a shame. If chromecast is your main home solution, arylic products don’t seem to be the best option when a Wiim Pro is a better solution with a dumb plate amp for the speakers. Kinda kills the integrated aspect of it.

Hey! Absolutely, you can sync Up2Stream with a Chromecast multiroom setup to stream Spotify or Deezer seamlessly. Ensure your Up2Stream Amp is on the same network as your Chromecast devices. Access the Google Home app, click the “+” icon, and select “Create speaker group.” Add your Chromecast devices and Up2Stream Amp. Once grouped, open Spotify or Deezer, choose the group, and hit play. Your Up2Stream Amp will groove in harmony with the Chromecast gang. Cheers! By the way, for a smoother Spotify experience, consider checking out Spotify Downloader for easy offline access to your favorite tunes on the go. Enjoy the beats!

This is about general chromecast support, period. Not specific apps. And I haven’t read one piece of sales lit yet that shows arylic supports Chromecast on any of their products.

Supporting it sideways via a specific streaming app or two is not supporting chromecast. And I don’t know why anyone would purchase their product with the expectation it will work when there hasn’t been anything officially written anywhere about it on their wifi products.

Happy to be proven wrong, so please show me with any link to their products where it shows chromecast support, because even in reviews and articles about chromecast and products that support it, I see nothing by arylic. I see Wiim mentioned and then a big nothing burger.

And this why I went with a Pioneer LX502 for my bedroom setup, and I can actually do a true 3.1 surround sound. Another thing none of these little amp companies have no interest in which also makes no sense to me. I’d gladly pay for a mini 3.1 DD/DTS amp with chromecast built in. Add in preamp outs and then you’d be talking. A nice budget pre/pro for surround sound that isn’t the size of a normal receiver. Something one could mount behind a TV. The installer type companies make them at grossly inflated prices.

@davidroundy when I click on + and Speakergroup I only see my Google Home mini, none of the Up2Stream AMP2.0 show up… what am I doing wrong?

There is no chromecast support.