Up2stream multiroom standalone


I’m new on this forum, and I’m discovering the Arylic products!

With my two new Up2Stream mini V3 module, I would like to use them in standalone, without connecting them to my WiFi. (So I can move my speaker to friends without changing the configuration).

What I have try, (after having reset both module) :
- I connect my phone to the first device hotspot
- I set it in “Master”, I fored activation its HotSpot.
- I connect my phone to the second device HotSpot.

  • I set it in “Slave”, I gave it manualy the settings of the Master HotSpot.

  • Connecting my phone to the “Master” HotSpot again, I can configure the multiroom with these two Up2Stream devices.

  • When I disconnect my phone from the HotSpot, I can still connect and play music by bluetooth in multiroom mode.

So it’s working! like I’m looking for!

Problem is when I turn the power off and on again, the connection could not be done between the two devices… It seems, the “Slave” don’t want to connec to the Master anymore. And I have to manualy make the connection again.

Have you any idea of the problem? Or is it a limitation because the slave beleive the configuration is not finished?

Thank you in advance for your support.
Best regards,