Up2Stream Mini won't connect in new location

Hi all, I have a Up2Stream Mini which I set up at home. Now I have it at a friend’s house and it will not connect even after I tried the reset multiple times.

Using Android device and the Up2Stream Mini is connected to an old receiver via RCA cable into AUX.

Thanks if you can help?

Hi Natman,
So you have tried pressing the power button three times to do the wifi reset?
Will it connect ok with a LAN cable?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing back.

Yes I tried power button 3 times as well as 5 second long press. This Up2Stream Mini does not have a LAN jack.

I tried an android tablet and my android phone with the 4Stream app and neither one could detect the Up2Stream while it was in pairing mode (white LED blinking slowly).

Hi Natman,
Just as a matter of interest, is it possible to see if you can get wifi connection to it at the old location at home?