Up2Stream Mini with very low volume?

I have four active speakers with an Up2Stream Mini integrated. They have been built 5 weeks ago, and ever since in a user test. Everything worked fine until 2 days ago.

This issue is about one speaker/Up2Stream Mini. If I start streaming music, I can hear the music at normal volumes from three speakers. But one of them plays at very low volume, I would say only 10 or 15% of the volume on the other three speakers.

Checks I made

  1. I immediately checked the 4Stream App for WifI signal strength of this specific Mini, it showed 94%. So no issues with the WiFi signal.
  2. Next I connected a different audio source to the line-in of this active speaker. It worked perferctly, so no issues with the amplifier of this speaker.
  3. Then I changed the Mini for another one. Also in this case the speaker worked perfectly with the other Mini.
  4. Next I put the first Mini back, just to try. And it worked again. I played music for about an hour, and then it went back to the very low volume again.
  5. Then I performed a fcatory reset, and went through the initial setup steps to reconfigure the speaker/Mini. After installation it played fine. But after a while it was back to the low volume.

In the past days I have noticed that the Mini mainly works fine, but all of a sudden drops down in volume. The three other active speakers/Mini’s worked fine all the time and I cannot see any factor causing the issue I am experiencing.


  • Does anyone recognize this/had the same experience?
  • Any suggestions for test/checks or a solution?

Hi Ernst,
Sounds like a faulty mini, advise customer service and send it back for replacement?

I made another check and found out what probably was wrong.

Since I had another WiFi antenna, I wanted to change the antenna to see if this had any effect. Since the WiFi antenna connection is small and vulnerable, I always use enlarging glasses to see what I do.
Then I noticed that the connector on the PCB side was partly coming loose from the PCB.

Well obviously, that is a fault.

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