Up2Stream Mini v3 I2S Parameters

I want to connect my audio DAC over the I2S bus. When playing phonograms in 24 bit 192kHz format, what resolution will be on the I2S bus?

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The board will output 44.1K /16 bits for I2S, and it’s working in master mode, with BCLK 2.822M, and MCLK 11.2896M.

Is the board expected to be updated with support for 24 bits 192 kb or more? What kind of sound quality can we talk about if you degrade the format of the original soundtrack using the format of thirty years ago?

Is this how it is implemented in all your projects?

if you want the 24/192 the only route is the new HD board. The Mini V3 is limited by the chips used not by the software.

A lot of 24/192 is already up sampled 16/44.1 and the reality is that it really comes back to the original care taking during recording i have some 16/44.1 that sound superior to other music in DSD.

in blind testing the majority of people were hard pressed to differentiate between 16 and 24 bit.

I listen for several hours using the arylic HD streaming 24/192 to an amp then later in the day i move rooms and listen on the V3 via another amp and it still sounds great.
you end up listening to the music rather than the sound anyway.

I agree that there are a lot of good quality organic files in 16 bit. But, in my opinion, it’s better with a direct DAC board and make a normal I2S output with DSD and PCM. I assure you that such a board will be used for classes with amateurs.

Yes, I use I2S output of V3 to a separate DAC pcb, (Sabreberry zero bd, ESS ES9023). The real benefit of this is that the D to A conversion outputs a stronger (larger Vrms) on the DAC phono which gives a much better signal for the AMP to work with. The I2S of the V3 is still bit limited to output 16/44.1 but the signal dynamics are improved by the separate DAC, SN and THD improvements have much more effect than diff between 16/44.1 and 24/192.