Up2Stream Mini V3 from TV to Up2Stream Amp

Hi there,

Just thought about something this morning and wanted to make sure it actually works. I have a TV outside and some speakers that are alrady connected to an Arylic Amp.

Instead of running a wire, I thought I could plug in a Up2Stream Mini V3 on the TV via lineout and send the sound wirelessly to the existing amp correct ? Anyone did this ? How’s the latency ?



Maybe reading this thread will be a good indication for you.

@Steve1 Thank you very much for this very informative thread.

If I understand correctly - I shouldn’t get any delay if I send “one to one” from mini to amp since there’s no grouping…

Will give it a try



Hi Michael,

I haven’t done this with a one-on-one. Though if you combine the Mini (your TV) with the Arylic Amp, you are in fact grouping/creating Multi-room. So this should cause the same delay as I have been experiencing.

To my opinion, if you want wireless speakers connected to your TV without delay between audio and video, there are just few options:
What is needed is a kind of ‘controller’ that can manage the video/audio synchronization. For wireless sound combined with TV’s there are two technologies:

  • WISA
  • Apple AirPlay2

With both technologies there is control over the synchronization between video on the TV screen and audio coming from the wireless speakers.
I have seen someone using the Apple TV 4K box together with AirPlay compatible speakers. He mentioned that the Apple TV box in this case handles the synchronization, and can even play stereo to a set of wireless stereo speakers, without delay.

What is needed to overcome:

  1. There are no TV manufacturers that have incorporated the ‘Apple TV like’ control over audio/video synchronization. The AirPlay that is usually implemented is only to get content from a smartphone/iPad to your TV. Not for getting sound from the TV to AirPlay speakers.

  2. There are many TV manufacturers that support WISA and are able to stream to WISA speakers, without delay between audio and video. But there are no DIY audio receivers that support WISA.

I am still on a quest to find a way to make this work. Hopefully some party like Arylic or Linkplay will implement WISA. Or more TV manufacturers will implement Apple TV AirPlay capabilities in their TV-sets.

Anyone that knows more about this, or has ideas, please be welcome to respond.

Looks like am going to use thegood old rca wire from tv to amp - it’s a long cable (10+ meters) will the signal be degraded ?

I’ll find out soon enough :slight_smile:

Edit : I could also use hdmi extender over ethernet since I have a network cable there.

Am open to other suggestions :slight_smile:

Probably a bit far, you could suffer some frequency loss, signal loss, and some noise pickup. It would be better to run a toslink or relocate the amp and have longer speaker cables.