up2stream mini V3 - Control board resistance value

hey there,

I connected an electrical circuit following the documentation provided with the mini V3. I have the feeling that the resistance values ​​are not accurate.
Preset 2 starts with the value of 18K instead of 27K, preset 3 works with 27K instead of 47K… etc.

I can’t find the value for the “play/pause” button,

I manage to make the NEXT button work with the value of the “play” button, i.e. 1K instead of 2.2K.

Did I miss something?

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Some other users have had similar problems and they have solved the issues by deleting the 10k resistor.

Thanks Steve,

I tried but it doesn’t work on my card (mini v3)
My Firmware seems to be up to date : 4.6.415145.21

Without the 10K global resistor, no more buttons react.