Up2Stream Mini V3 - Airplay/Bluetooth Volume Too low


I just set up the Up2Stream Mini V3 and connected my Cambridge Audio AXA 35 to it via 3.5mm from Arylic to RCA in on the amp. I was streaming music from iPhone to Arylic via airplay.
I found that the volume was too low, suppressed, very low detail, per say it was not opening up. I checked volume on iPhone, 4Stream app, all were at max.
I changed source from Arylic to Apple Airport Express (2 Gen) , and sound was suddenly fuller and detailed.

I updated the Arylic to latest version and tried. Tried via onboard bluetooth of Arylic, no change at all. Volume is less overall.

Another issue I saw is, when I click the L, R, LR (channels) from the 4Stream app it does not mute either channels. Both L-R channels play irrespective of what I click.

Any idea why this would happen?

Hi, It seems the ground PIN of RCA cable is not connected well. Can you check the AUX connector? Like, spin the plug several times and see if any changes.

For selecting the L/R channel, both of the Mini output will have sound from selected channel, eg: when select L, both channel will have left channel sound of original music.

Tried spinning the connector. Cleaned connector with rubbing alcohol to rule out any issue. No change in sound though. The same connector works fine with Apple Airport Express.

Airport Express has a full 2V RMS output via its 3.5mm jack. Would you know the output voltage of Arylic at 3.5mm jack?

Have you tried the volume in the 4Stream App for that device? I have to use the 4Stream App volume in conjunction with the my “other output device” volume controls.

Also, with the ACP Workbench software you can increase the output gain for all of the different outputs for the device. It really helps “tune” the devices.