Up2Stream Mini v3 + 5 volt/2 Amp power supply?

For my project, I use a AC/DC converter (230v > 5v). A friend of mine mentioned that many AC/DC converters put out high frequencies. So a possible cause of noise and hum. He advised to change the one I am currently using (this one) into this type.

The model that fits best is the 5 volt/2 Amp version.
The Acrylic manual for the Up2Stream Mini mentions “Warning: Up2Stream Mini must use 5V-1A DC input, higher voltage power supply may damage the board”

Does this mean that a 5 volt/2 Amp power supply is ok?

Hi, from my pont of view 5V/2 A is ok, the board only takes the A that it needs, you have to be carfeul with the voltage, no more than 5V. Lets see if some can confirm it.

In the meantime I have gotten confirmation.

Amp from the power supply should be 1 Amp minimum.
Voltage must be 5 volt maximum.

(Case closed)