Up2Stream Mini V3 - 2 way speaker Crossover

Does anyone know how i can make the left and right channel have sepperate filter/crossover for a 2 way speaker?
I would like to connect left and right channel to 2 sepperate amplifier boards and have the first amplifier power the woofer and the second amplifier power the tweeter.
I’ve brought 6 of these boards… So I will really like to get it working :confused: :confused:
Thanks you

  • Mathias

I did it on the Up2Stream Amp 2.1, with the usage of ACPWorkbench tool (on PC) to set different filters on the left & right channel. I’m not sure if the same filters per channel are possible with the Mini v3.
I cut the bass at 170 Hz on the boomer (right channel) because on the Amp 2.1 there is a sub woofer to take those low frequencies.
I have put 2 high pass filters (and not one), on the left channel (Tweeter) to be sure that my sensitive ribbon twitter doesnt take too much residual bass. It’s not a must.

I don’t have the left and right channel options.
I’m starting to think it’s not possible with this board? :frowning:

May be you need first to upgrade your board to the latest firmware: when I recieved my Amp 2.1 board few monthes ago, this option of left & right channel filters was not appearing on the ACP workbench. It appeared after the upgrade of the board to version 4.2.9326.26

MINI V3 does support this feature, yes, please make sure the firmware is the latest