Up2Stream mini v1 / pro 1 / mini v3 / amp v3 problems

hallo forum,
there are “new” Bugs in the mini v1 ( 4.2.8422.5) and the pro version 1.1 (
and mini 3 (4.2.9326.26) another in the amp3! all boards with latest firmware

mini v1:

since the last update there problems with the remote control:
the mini board take no effekt via vol+/vol- / mute etc. or extrem slowly (not useable)…the app control is ok,

the pro version is ok!

have you any idea about this problem?

pro 1.1: / mini v1:

after connect the lokal wlan there is the hidden accespoint activ…pls. see the screenshots…

next “bug”:

mini v3:
Remote Control ok,
ADC Keyboard - Key without Funktion!

Encoder Board :
no Push Funktion!
you cant control the volume-only one direction is possible-there are vol+

otherwise there is no vol- possible!

amp v3- latest firmware-
adc key board is ok,
Encoder Board :
no Push Funktion, when you rotate the knob then crash the the amp!

hidden accespoint is ok, lan connection ok,

Do other users have these problems?

Another question about the external Button Boards/ Encoder/ Key Wiring:

in your reference design for external buttons : (for mini v3 and amp v3)
(play,mute etc. Program 1-4)
the resistors are 5% typical, i select the best value for the Resistors, but in one or two botton there is hearing the "beep"sound is ok!
the other one have no "beep"sound, there ist no action from the board!
any tipps for these problem?

I need the Buttons for these Projects, see Pic for an old Projekt, but I have more Old Radios, there wait for an Upgrade via Arylic Boards.

Thanks for Help !

PS: The most important thing is to finally be able to read the firmware history on this board! Thanks for that!

I am very much interested in the App that is being used to scan the WiFi network (shown in the screenshots).
Is this a German WiFi analyzer App?
What is the name

hey, i use this tool: " WiFi Monitor: Analyse von Wi-Fi-Netzwerken"
Autor :
Alexander Kozyukov

Best Jörg

Thanks Joerg!
Unfortunately, I work with iPhone and couldn’t find your app in the Apple store.

@KolfMAKER I have looked many times for something similar on iOS. It just doesn’t exist. The app shown is so useful for many things it’s almost worth switching to Android :slight_smile:

Thanks, good to know you have good experience with this App.
I have an old Android SmartPhone, I will try the App on that.