up2stream mini - accross subnets

i know that you are supposed to be on the same network to use this, but… has anyone been able to pass traffic to different subnet? my up2stream is on 172.24.x.x but my home network is 192.168.x.x. i have static routes in my router so i can see the networks and can traverse each other. my music assistant, which is on 172.31.x.x can connect to it but there is no audio stream. would it be possible to just add a port forward rule? what port does the up2stream mini use for communication & stream?

I searched the forum a few weeks ago to find out just this; to no avail. So, I’d be interested in the solution to this, too!

For what it’s worth, I’m using S10 and WiiM mini. But the protocol will be the same, I guess… My exact use case would be to have the streamers in my IoT network (which by default isolates each client from each other and anything else) and just allow them to communicate on the required ports:

  1. Control (and discover) them from my trusted networks. Control is done through httpapi, so ports 80 or 443?
  2. Make them stream to each other. This is a mystery to me.
  3. Let them get input from the internet. This probably depends on the service?
  4. Allow selected sources on my trusted networks. This is probably equivalent to no 3?

I guess, a list of ports used by the LinkPlay devices would be the ideal answer…

@Sean_Malloy, maybe you will be satisfied already with no 1 and 4. As you seem to be able to control the up2stream, no 1 might be solved. For no 4, you might have to open port 8095 from your 172.24 net to your 172.31 net. That is the default port of music assistant, I believe. (See documentation.)