Up2stream HD DAC

I would be interested in the pros and cons of the new look DIY board, whether the high pricing and the lack of a display cover is offset by the fact that this device finally has a Hi-res output. Would you buy it? Wouldn’t you buy it? Would you rather spend a little more and buy something else? Thanks for the opinions…

It works like S50pro+ (preamp with volume control). Does the new device support MQA?

I don’t think so, the description does not mention this: Up2Stream HD DAC - High-Res Multiroom Wireless Aptx HD Audio Streaming – Arylic

seems a little overpriced to me…

– update

Rakoit replied to me, the MQA will be added later. :+1:

Is it possible to use WIFI mode and Bluetooth mode at the same time ?
For example, push the music from PC via WIFI, then could play the music from the phone via bluetooth to replace the former source.

Presumably this device works the same as the old models, so only one source mode works at a time, you can’t stream via WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, or one or the other source is alive (but then whoever has seen it yet work, confirm or refute this …)